Banana Wooden Bench

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Width160 cm
Depth67 cm
Height83 cm
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Teak Garden Banana Bench

Banana garden teak bench made of solid teak wood on the back and arms. Teak benches that can be left outside in summer and winter. You can add a pillow for extra comfort to sit on a park bench. Made from dry wood and fine sanded to give a very good appearance. We will provide you with this fully assembled banana bench as soon as possible. Ordering teak garden bench products and special design furniture can contact us, and we can immediately respond to you. We provide competitive and cheap prices, with the best quality teak outdoor furniture products. Because we are an outdoor furniture supplier who has experience in producing on demand.

Fine Sanded Wooden Garden Benches

Teak is a tropical hard wood with a beautiful golden brown color when new. Teak furniture, if left naked and not sanded, will fade to a natural silver-gray color. This color transformation does not affect the durability of teak or wood furniture itself. To maintain the smooth finish and golden brown, you need to sand the teak furniture regularly. To extend the time period needed between sanding, teak oil can also be applied. If you choose to apply teak oil, apply every 3 months, or follow the teak oil container instructions. If you choose to maintain the smooth brown finish of your new teak furniture, this method requires some maintenance for upkeep, such as sanding and reapplication of teak oil. Teak oil does not prolong the life of teak but simply maintains the golden brown color.

Banana Wooden Bench

Banana Wooden Bench


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