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Unique Nature Properties

Teak is arguably the best wood that can be used for outdoor furniture because it has many excellent qualification factors, such as strength, durability, and appearance. This property, which makes it very popular. Teak is rich in natural oils and rubber, which makes it naturally resistant to insects and wood rot. This natural oil lasts throughout the life of the wood, especially if the teak used is Grade A. Teak Grade A comes from the heart of the tree, where natural oil and rubber are located. While the lower value is taken from the outside of the teak tree. This means that teak with this value is often cheaper, less reliable, and unlikely to have the same longevity as Grade A teak.

Strong and Beautiful of All Time

Besides being resistant to hot and rainy weather, teak is very strong and durable because of its solid tropical hardwood. This quality makes it ideal for commercial use outdoors. Teak furniture is also very heavy, so it is not possible to reverse and be damaged by strong winds.

Low Maintenance Costs

Teak can be left outside without having to be treated all year long and usually only requires occasional cleaning with warm soapy water.

The beauty of Jepara Furniture

Teak is not only solid and easy to care for, but also beautiful wood. Teak furniture starts from the color of golden honey, which if left unchecked will gradually lead to an elegant silver gray color. Teak will be an amazing feature in open spaces of all time.

The Enduring Style of Furniture Products

Teak has the beauty and style of youth, which has been sought after for centuries. You can choose from a variety of traditional and modern designs.

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