Supplier Java Teak Bench

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FinishingNatural Fine Sanded
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Relaxing Bench In The Outdoor Garden

Teak bench with curved design on the backrest and seating that makes you comfortable relaxing in the outdoor garden or by the pool. The use of sturdy teak wood will make this bench survive outdoors all year long with little care. We have added thick wood to give it a sturdy and sturdy. Extra long dimensions to provide more space and comfort for you to relax in Java Teak Bench.

Knockdown Furniture Bench

Knockdown furniture is a construction of furniture products that are manufactured using removable assembly systems. Or the easy way, knockdown furniture can be interpreted as furniture that can be assembled (disassembled and then reassembled). So the strength in knockdown furniture mostly comes from bolts or screws used to glue components between parts, because in this construction no glue is used at the connection between components. Knockdown furniture is furniture that is ready to be assembled, also known as knock-down furniture, flat package furniture, or kit furniture, is a form of furniture that requires customer assembly. Separate components are packed in cartons which also contain assembly instructions.

Supplier Java Teak Bench

Supplier Java Teak Bench